About Zambuko Real Estate

Zambuko Properties LTD was in cooperated as a property developing and letting Agency 2015 and our business has grown steadily over the years based on referrals from satisfied clients. We differentiate our Company by offering the highest level of personal service to our clients who are looking to purchase, sell or rent a property.

We have a team of 5 agents ready to offer customers a convenient and a timeless transparent service to our customer owning land. We now offer monthly instalments upto 60 month terms (20% deposit applies) we have repetitive in both Harare and the UK.

From 2018 all customer in the diaspora will benefit from our agency based in Coventry UK.


  • Community

    We are very socially responsible. We support a number of local schools in Harare, Exhibitions for young people to teach property investment empowerment

  • Service Excellence

    We give only the best and we endeavour to achieve excellence on a daily basis

  • Safety

    Safety at work and accessible healthcare for all employees is of great importance to us. Site safety is also of paramount importance around our office and development sites to us and a comprehensive site safety management system incorporating all relevant safety and quality standards has been documented and canvassed amongst all stakeholders including employees

  • Integrity

    We act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth regarding our processes and like to keep a transparent relationship with our customers

  • Passion

    We put the sentiment and mind in the work that we do so we get only the best results for our customers and investors

  • Innovation

    We continuously come out with new resourceful ideas through new products, services process innovation, and community work to create more value for our customers globally

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